Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter in pics Part I

Fringilla coelebs male.
Big moose was here! LOL!
The river is open now, but a couple of days ago it was packed with ice.

Erithacus rubecula or Red Robin as most people know it by.
Motacilla alba out hunting insects.
The shy Turdus merula came and paid us a visit this morning. Also known as the Blackbird. It sings really beautifully.
I actually don't know what this is, I need to look it up in a bird book.
A beautiful Pyrrhula pyrrhula was here with his female. This is pretty much a winter bird for me, but here they appear when spring comes.
The river is really low since they empty it in the spring, just before the flooding starts. I can see the river bed and all the rocks, it was really a special sight.

A stone church in Torsby - Sweden. I really am fascinated by churches so we had to stop and have a look at this one.

Easter isn't over so I will post more pictures when I can. =) Internet isn't that easy in the mountains where we are going tomorrow, so I won't promis anything before I'm back home.

Have a super fantastic Easter!
Easter hugs to all my followers!

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Laura said...

Such beautiful pics, thanks for sharing! I love blackbirds very much. ♥