Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two homers!!

I've gotten two homers lately, lovely! This beautiful FB was made by Steph in USA via a yahoo group September 2009. Thanks Steph I really love it. =)

Signers are: Johanna (Finland), Katharina (Germany), Marga (The Netherlands), Laila (Denmark), Margaret (England), Zannah (Sweden), Lina (Indonesia), Satoko (Japan), Bianca (Germany) and Heike (Germany).

This FB I made for myself not long ago.

Signers are: Astrid (Norway), Ann-Kristin (Norway), Caroline (UK), Cindy (Belgium), Diana (Germany), Jenny (Sweden), Steffi (Germany), Evi (Belgium), Marion (Germany), Gunji (Korea), Manuela (Austria), Manuela (Germany), Sabina (Sweden), Veronica (Germany) and Susi (Germany).


Mirs Life said...

How sweet are they! Have a nice weekend my dear, any plans?? Hugs Mir

Laila said...

Congrats on your homers dear :o)
Hugs Laila

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks girls!
My plans for the weekend are not carved in stone yet, but it seems we are going to Oslo today. Frode's brother has come all the way down to Oslo from where he lives, so we are planing to meet him and his friends. =) It is World Skiing Championship so I'm not so sure if I want to be going down to Oslo deep down inside... I think it will be swamped with people! LOL!

Other plans are making more FBs if I get the feeling of making somehing, and also answer some letters. =)

Have a super fantastic weekend!