Thursday, March 17, 2011

Salmon With Mango Salsa

Today we made a new dish we'd never tried before.

Making Mango Salsa

Frying some pieces of fresh salmon.

Yum!! =) I give it 4 out of 6, Frode 6 og 6.

Recipe for two:
1 red onion
Half a cucumber
1 tomatoe
1 fresh red chilipepper (15 grams)
1 rape mango
1 lime
125 gram fresh salomon
Baby leaf spinach

Cut chili, onion, mango, tomatoe and cucumber. Squeeze lime juice onto the salsa and put it in the frigerator to relax for half an hour.

Fry the fish (add Fajita spice mix if you want) and serve with guacamole and spinach.

Bon Apetite! =)


Jacqueline Roy said...

Yummy, this sounds delicious, especially the salsa. I love mango, actually everyone in my house does. I'll have to try this recipe. Do you think it would go well with chicken too? Jacqueline

Busy little Bee said...

Hi Jacqueline. Yeah, I think it'll go well with chicken as well as fish.=) Mango is a great fruit, I haven't used it so much in dishes though, this was the first time.

I made a REALLY good guacamole together with Frode today. It had lime and coriander. =P