Sunday, August 8, 2010

A day at the butterfly park.

We stoped to fish a little in the sea on the way home and I was the only one to catch one; a mackerel! Weeee! I was sooo happy when I landed it (with a little bit of help as it was a big fighter). =) We took a couple of pics, got the hook out nice and gently and gave it its life back. =)

In the butterfly park we saw houndreds of butterflies and some as big as my finger! =D

This beautiful one is POISONOUS! If you eat this you'll actually DIE! I didn't know butterflies could be poisonous, did you?

Frode was lucky and got to hold a lizzard. He thinks they are funny and cute. =)

Me on the other hand thinks this is a true beauty. I was the only one of us three that held the Boa snake. =) Amazing creatures.

It wasn't exactly allowed to touch the butterflies in the park though, but this one kinda was a little willing to sit on my hand so I could take its picture. ;o)

It wasn't a big park but I had to chase this one around the park twice before it finally sat down so I could take its pic. =P LOL! It was worth it, what a beauty!

The trees were full of catepillars, big and actually beautiful. Yeah, I know I'm a little nerdy when it comes to insects and such... Hehe! But it is beautiful with all the nice stripes and colors. =)

The park also had some other snakes and amphibians, like the green snake (above) and the hornfrog (under). This frog sits still until a mouse, a spider or even a rat comes by and it just attacks and swallows! It had even bit the finger of the park owner once while he was showing it to some tourists. It has the bit of a pitbull so he had real trouble to get it off, he told us. =)

I will post pics from the day at the zoo later on. We did get some incredible shots of the wolf pack there, and even a video I will post. =)

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