Sunday, August 1, 2010

Book heaven

I am in some really book-buying mood these days. After we bought three DVD shelves from IKEA, and got the DVDs out from the bookshelves, I had more room. Well, slightly more room that is beacause I had so many books here and there that they filled almost all the DVD space at once.

Anyway, I have read the Innocent Mage and the Awakened Mage by Karen Miller, and found out that she had a "third and fourth" book too, but those two are a new serie of two...

I don't know why she makes mini series of two books, even though The Prodigal Mage is taking place 10 years after Awakened Mage ended.

It is a fabulous world and a good story. =) I am very glad I'm "back in it" again.

The Last Stormlord is a book Frode found at our fave book store when we were in Oslo. It's commented by Karen Miller so I had to get it.

It's the first in a serie, hopefully not one of 10 -15 books beacause I tend to think that is a little overkill. 5- 7 books is perfect. =)


Mirs Life said...

Lovely, I hope they will be good! I am more into reading at the moment LOL! Have read two books in one week! Have a nice sunday! xx

Busy little Bee said...

Hi Mir. I hope they will be good as well, I am sure The Prodigal mage will be, but I have no clue about the other. ;o)

What have you been reading?