Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No internet...

I'm at work stealing a moment to post something. At home we still have no internet, it really makes me understand how my world is build up around it... I feel completely naked, like I've forgotten my phone when I go to work. =S

This weekend I was at the cabin with my in laws, which was really nice. Weather sucked but it was cozy indoors.=) We had some guests over on Saturday for some drinks, that was fun.

Today I'm soaked at work with some new web designs and pages to look at. I am the error finder with hawk eyes which has proven to be much fun really. =)

This weekend I'm going to drive to Lillehammer (170km) to get dad to the start line at this bicycle race back to Oslo. He is amazing being over 50 and bicycling 170km. I would probably die (literally) after one! =D I'm in such a bad shape... Note to myself: need to work that out. ;o)

Will be back when my internet company finds out what they have been doing wrong. =P Or if I can steal another moment one day.

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