Saturday, June 5, 2010

My vacation

We started off on Sunday May 23 into the wilderness of the forrest north from Oslo. We've never been there and did not know what to expect. Here Frode is reading the map at the second camp we made. (He also made dinner for both of us on the portable kitchen).

We did get a little bit of rain, some clouds, a thunder storm and one windy night. Still we "survived" 4 days without any fish.

The only fish we saw was jumping out of the water waving at us...

We did manage to walk the wrong way the first day, instead of a 2km walk, we ended up with 6km. With a steep road uphill before we made first camp.

Second day we had a nice walk, until we crossed blue path, which was torture really. =( Boy was I glad when we made next camp, we stayed there for two nights.
We did find a sofa in the woods by a lake... Not very normal really, so I had to catch a picture of that.

After returning home we got out to another area to the east instead. We've been there so we knew what we expected, just no the weather and luck in fishing... We had beautiful weather with sun and a beautiful sunset as you can see in the picture.

Frode caught the first 3 fishes and I didn't get any. The next day we headed for another lake to fish some pike. Instead I ended up fishing for perch with worms. I got one fish at first, which I let out again. Then I got another, but as I was reeling in a big pike came and swallowed it!! I was a little shocked although I knew it could happen it kinda took me by a surprise anyway.

I had the pike (and the other fish which was the one hooked) on for like 15 minutes. I had regular string without any metal infront for pike fishing, so it ended like I knew it would, I lost both. But it's a good fishing story and I was shaking all over from the reeling and running to keep it out of the logs in the water. =)

The nest day I used a different kind of line to make sure I was safe if another pike was stealing my fish. Instead I ended up with a huge perch! Do I look happy or what?! =D

The perch was released into the water again. I love eating perch but one this sized can be poisonous because of the amont of lead it collects in it...

The trout on the picture above was also one I got after Frode caught a smaller one at the beginning ( the same happened with the perch). That one is a rainbow trout and we did kill it and made dinner at the bonfire that night. It tasted heavenly. =)


Laura said...

I am happy for you having such a good time! You look great in the pics. :)

Busy little Bee said...

Aww, that was sweet of you. I hadn't seen a mirror in 4 days in that picture so I was a little currious on how bad I looked. =P

It was good to get some quality time with Frode and get out of the civilisation. I needed that.

Jacqueline Roy said...

Hey Beate! It seems like you and Frode had a really nice time. Love the photos of you and the fish. Hi! Hi! I sent you a letter last Firday. Hope it reaches you soon. Jacqueline

Annie said...

Å, det låter som om ni hade härliga dagar! :) Kram!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics dear!! BTW I've send you an email!!