Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Twillight FBs

All made through a group swap in January. :o) I posted them a little late, but I will post more when I make the next round this month.

What's up in my life? Not that much, had some problems with my internet conection (again), but it seems all sorted out by now. Phew! I hate not having the web available. No e-mailing, no reading papers, no blogging and no fun really. The world has surely changed since I was a kid, huh?

Frode has been offered a new job today. He only works as a substitute so he needs to get a steady job. The one he is offered is a shift manager position at a Hitachi storage building. That's doesn't sound bad at all, the downside however is that it is night shifts!:oO Monday till Thursday 3am to noon. So I basicly won't see him at all for 4 days, but have Friday, Saturday and Sunday together. Well, half the Friday as I am at work while he is not. And if he works nights I doubt he will be any use being up in the weekends, it will be like he is awake at the wrong hours. :oS Big decision to make...

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Momwithahook said...

Very nicely done. :) Good luck with your hubby's job -- My hubby did the night shift for a while and it was such a bummer. He refuses to work it again.