Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it Friday 13th today or something?

I woke up this morning and took a shower, everything seemed normal. I grabed my purse and headed for the bus stop. On the bus I figured out that I had forgotten to bring my ear plugs for my iPhone with me, so I couldn't listen to the new CD I dowloaded (from iTunes, no stealing), My winter storm by Tarja.:oS

I read my book on the way so I wasn't bored exactly. I got off in Oslo and went to the next bus stop there. I have to chance busses on the way as I work on the other side of Oslo, sort of. But that's okay. The next bus leaves at 07:31am and I saw the red bus appear and the people I see every day on the bus gather themselves around the bus, so I went inside, sat down and opened my book again. After 15 min. I looked up to get a glimse at where I was so i didn't miss my stop.

The surroundings didn't look familiar at all! I looked at the sign at the bus and I was deffinitly on the wrong one!! Oh, NO! How the hell did that happen?:oO I'd never seen this bus at the bus stop before and certainly not at the same time as my bus are leaving.

So there I was at least on the travel in the right direction so far. I had to get off at the wrong hill and then call a cab from there. People had a big laugh at my job when they heard. At least I was no less than 30minutes late, and I had used 2 hrs and 15 minutes to get there alltogether. :oP

My bad luck must have been something trasmittable because Frode also got a portion of it today. We'd a snow fall for a few days and finally the city hall had gotten the men to remove the snow from most roads and sidewalks. What a luxury. :o) Well, the down side is that they remove too much snow at the wrong places sometimes...

Frode drives my car and suddenly he hears a loud noise. Both tires on the left is suddenly punktured! :oO He had managed to drive upon a concrete edge! So he had to call a friend to get him to work, then I had to call my sister to ask very nicely for new tires for a sisterly price. She was very sweet at fixed it for us. :o)

I hope this day ends nicely without more bad luck. ;o)


Joyce said...

Oh this is funny! Don't you hate when something like this happens?

Laura said...

Wow, you really had a bad day... sorry for this. It happens, yes, even if it is not friday 13. :P