Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation in the rain

I still have vacation and the weather is still a bit depressing. Yesterday I wanted to go outside so bad that I went even though it rained. In the forest it was damp and warm and it smelled soooo lovely. I was able to find some mushroms that I took back home. It is one of the few safe ones that is really good to eat. I also got new sticks for my birds. Mommy and daddy bird love their new sticks and are jumping around and trying to play with the leaves. The baby bird on the other hand is totally afraid of them. It is now 24 hours since I placed them in her cage and she still hasn't been sitting on them!!! Hopefully she will understand that they will not kill her. LOL! Poor bird with a fright for sticks!
I am posting my todays work as today I made 17 Fbs. I have discovered some glossy printing papers so the pictures I collect from the internet are in a very nice quality. The glossy paper are really cheap, I paid 5 Euros for a pack of 15 A4 sheets. My HP deskjet 5740 is an old printer but I am still very pleased with its reasaults. It has done me like a thousand pictures about now, and it's still working fine.:o)


JustMe said...

Nice Fbs !!! I added your site too !!

Thanks for adding mine !!

Busy little Bee said...

Hi. Thank you so much Marga. I would like to say that I love your Decos and works too! I esp. LOOOVE that Tinkerbell Deco. That is really well made.:o)

Jessica from Noord-Brabant, Nederland said...

Hey Beate,

I got your letter, so I decided to check out your blog. I've got one too. www.jessicajanssen79.blogspot.com, check it out sometime if you'd like. I love the FB's that you made. Especially the one from Freddy Krueger!!!

Oh, I posted my letter to you today, so you won't have to wait so long this time.