Sunday, July 24, 2011


Not so much...

We had some thunder storms again last night, kept me awake for an hour or so. =S Blah. Wish for sun and warm summerlike weather. Miss those cousy summer days.

In another week it is time for summer vacation and I am sooo looking forward to some time off. Just for myself, together with Frode. Hope we will have a fantastic time even though both our plans had to be changed.

At first we were supposed to go to Femund National Park, but then came the year of True Lemmings which have led to hare plague in the waters and streams. It is unsafe to drink the water so then we decided to have a car trip vacation and camp by streams and lakes by the road, so we could buy food and water along the way.

Now a flood warning has been broadcasted in that area, actually in the whole eastern part of Norway. So our THIRD pland is to stay in the mountain cabin and relax there. Maybe go to Røros and Trondheim like last time we were there.

A good vacation I hope for no matter the weather. =)

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Jacqueline Roy said...

Oh wow Beate, I'm sorry to hear about the crappy summer you've been having there. Here it has been so hot and humid. We had such a horrid spring but summer has been lovely. Hope you'll have a wonderful vacation with Frode, relax my dear! I'll be answering your letter this weekend! Sorry it's taken me so long. :( Thinking of you!