Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny story, really.

Today I finally went to the store to buy ink catridges for my ink pen, which I haven't used for some years now. First I looked in the shelf for them where they keep all their pens and equipment , but couldn't find any.

So I had to ask this young man, not a day over 20, if they had any. He thought for a while then said he might have seen some in the back. He looked a little stressed out honestly and looked inside a cupboard for a minute.

When he came back up he asked if I could wait a minute so he could ask the girl he worked with, and she told him loud and clear that they were in the cupboard behind the desk. So he went back there to look some more. He started to get really red the poor fella.

(my first ink pen. It's about 18 years old)

It was then I understood that silly old me had thought he would know what I was looking for, but he'd no clue what an ink catridge for a pen looked like!!! After I described it as a narrow bullet like thingie with blunt tip and see through plastic, he found it immediatly.

Funny story on a Monday, LOL.


Laila said...

wahaahhhhaaaa, I had a similar problem last time I went to buy new ink ;o) Guess we're sooooo old !!! LOL


Busy little Bee said...

I guess we are, LOL! =,D