Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A beautiful day

Yesterday was a sunny and mild day so I figured I wanted to go snowmobiling by myself.

Me with my new helmet that I bought spring time last year. It is super comfortable and fits me better than my old one. =)

Well, after going about 80 km/h on the road I decided to play in the snow, but didn't get far I'm afraid. =P LOL! My snowmobile has short edges on the belt so it can get stuck pretty easily, depending on the cheufeur. I admit that I hesitated a bit which resaultet in me getting stuck.

I had to walk throght the deep snow and back to Frode to get him to help since I can't lift it myself. My goal is to get more muscles so I can lift it, that would be very nice. =)

That evening the sky caught fire over the neighbours house, it was truely amazing and I managed to get it on a picture for once. =)

Finishing the post with a very beautiful song by a Norwegian group called Sirenia:

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