Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas gift!

I've already got my X-mas gift from Frode! A sowing machine! I sooo wanted one for years, but the prices have been a little too much. Then here the other day we went into this Coop store and I saw this one on a discount for the members.

It so happened that I had my mom's membership card beacuse she wishes for a woolen blanket for X-mas. Unfortunatly they were sold out of blankets that very day. =( But the trip wasn't wasteful when I got me this one. =)

I've already used it on two of my clothes to fix them. =)


Laura said...

Yeah, Singer machines are a legend. Use it happily! :)

Busy little Bee said...

My thoughts exactly, Singer runs forever. =) My mom has herritated my grandma's and it's over 30 years old. It still runs perfectly. =D

Jacqueline Roy said...

How lucky you are my dear Beate! I only wish I knew how to sew because I would make my own clothes and designs. But, I have enough hobbies and not enough time at the moment. Ha! Enjoy! :) Jacqueline

Busy little Bee said...

Hi Jacqueline. Well, I am no racer on sowing myself, but I can do some simple things. =) I am thinking about maybe making some curtains, but haven't decided yet. Need time to do such things. LOL! =D