Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hillarious dancing!

Women are strange and scientists will try to figure out the weirdest things sometimes...

This is a case where the scientists have done some research on how we women like dancing, meaning dacing guys in this case. Well, you have some good dancers out there, but most of them are like the first one up on this animation video, take a looksee:

The research team is from the US and this is some of the conclusive facts about the perfect dance:

- The size of the dance movements in the neck, upper body, left shoulder and wrist. (Why the left shoulder...? Is it like if they have bigger dance movements on the right shoulder we women will go "uh-uh, not you."?)

- variation in the dance movements in the neck area, upper body, left wrist and the most funny fact, the speed of the movement on the right knee! HAHA!

I didn't know I was looking for all THIS! LOL! =D

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