Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ice Cream Cone FBs

I made one Vintage style to my friend in Canada. =)
(The ribbon is more brownish in real life, like the
paper in the background, the scanner didn't
bring out the rightful colour.)

I need to eat some ice cream today... Yummy!

Ice Cream Cone FBs made via Neat_FB_Swappers. I love ice cream
so I the theme was perfect for me. =)


Jolanda said...

Lovely fb's!!!

Bye, Jolanda

Johanna said...

I really love the vintage one! :)
Hugs / Johanna

Mirs Life said...

Lovely!! I've received your letter and swap on friday! Thank you <3 I loved reading it! Hugs Mir

Jacqueline Roy said...

Hey Beate! I love the FBs and I can't wait to receive them. I've already made one of yours but need to get the other two done. I'm also working on your letter. :) And, you're right, I think everybody does love Mario! Ha! Ha! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer so far. Bye for now Sweetie! Jacqueline