Thursday, April 15, 2010


To cheer somebody up brings joy to my life, so I have made a small competition here on my blog.:-)

One winner receives these items(on the picture): 3D stickers, paper flowers, a nice mix of confetti, Tilda rubber stamps, some nice sheets for papercrafting and the super cute A5 paper holder!:-D

All I need from you is a suggestion for a name for my new pet snail.:-D Yeah, you heard right!;-)

Please do give me suggestions from cute names from your country. (with pronouncation in English or German).:-)

I will close the competition on May 1st.:-)


Jacqueline Roy said...

Hey Beate! How about the name "Pokey" a cute nickname meaning slow in English. Jacqueline

Busy little Bee said...

Thank you for your suggestion Jacqueline. It's a good one and I like it.:o)

Jacqueline Roy said...

Hi Beate! Just to let you know I left a message on your e-mail concerning the swap. :0)

Aida said...

How about Nellie? It's a short form for snail.


Rahmaline said...

1. gary..... just like spongebob's :D
2. keong (the indonesian of snail)-(key-yong)
3. siput (also the indonesian) (c-put)

Rahmaline said...

aflands : africa land snail :)

Laura said...

Here is my suggestion: "Bau-bau" :D (pronounced like "bow-bow"). Bau-Bau designs a scary big critter, which can take many shapes, according to everyone`s fears. We frighten small children with Bau-bau *LOL!*