Monday, March 29, 2010

I got a HUGE....

... snail!!!:-D

We went to an exhibition of Tarantulas, scorpions, roaches and beetles today. And we bought this cutie, an African land snail.:-)


Susie said...

WOW!!! that is a big SNAIL . where are you going to put it ??

Busy little Bee said...

I have a terrarium with humid soil and water. =)

Laila said...

OMG !!!
That sure is a big snail. Didn't knew you could keep them as a pet.. Only knew that some people keep them as a "food animal"..
What's his name ????

Jolanda said...

ieeeeeks i prefer animals that are furry.

Bye, Jolanda

Busy little Bee said...

Laila- I didn't know myself until this weekend. ;o) It is such a cute little "bug" if you compare it to scorpions and tarantulas. They are fascinating but not cute. ;o)
It doesn't have a name yet.

Jolanda- Furry ones are very cute indeed. We have two furry rats and a furry tarantula, maybe not the cuties you were thinking of? ;o)

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