Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vampires are popular these days.

I have been reading these books by Karen Chance, my very first vampire books to be honest. I liked the voer on Touch the Dark so I bought it and fell in love with it after reading half the book. The intro is somewhat hectig because so much happen all at once. But after a while I was hooked. :o)
Starring Cassandra Palmer human with a very spesial ward tattooed on her back. The ward is a herritage from her mom who died in a "car accident" when she was a little girl. She is brought up by vampires, by one powerful vampire Tony and his "slaves". One other master vampire has also had his influence on her; Mircea.

He ha put a powerful spell on her that she needs to remove before she goes mad with love for him. Or is it the spell that causes her feelings? I leave it up to you to find that out yourselves. ;o)

One thing is for sure, Mircea is one true gentleman and I sure have fallen in love with him! :oD

The story takes place mostly in Las Vegas at a very special hotel called Dante. There you can meet vampires, mages, demons, gargoyls and other magial creatures. Not all of them are friends all the time...


Jolanda said...

These books sound very nice, tried to find them translated in Dutch but couldn't find them.
Bye, Jolanda

Busy little Bee said...

I don't think they come in Norwegian either, I read them in US English, which is the best to read I think. I have some problems with the UK English because they use so many unnessesary words. ;o)