Saturday, November 29, 2008


10 less known facts about me:

1) When I was born my parents didn't have any name for me. So at the hospital they lent a book of names, opened on the B section and ran their fingers down till they saw my name: Beate

2) When I was a kid my mom was really nice to me, till I reached about 10 years. Our relationship broke and my grandmother worked as my mother instead. We were really close. She died of cancer in 2001 and I am still grieving...

3) My closest people of all times have been: my dad, my sister (lost contact when I moved out), my grandmother and my fiancé Frode.

4) I am 1,73 tall and weigh 43kg. I used to weigh 48, but have lost 5kg because of many things. I am still trying to gain weight, but I am healthy and not so obsessed about it really.

5) I cried when I saw Lion King!

6) I have always been a real tomboy. I love to do guystuff like fishing, camping, speeding with cars etc.

7) I speak/ understand 5 languages: norwegian, swedish, danish, german and English. I can also read some Dutch.

8) I like tough looking guys that has good selfestem, but aren't cocky.

9) On my second driving lesson I accidently ran over a cat. It came runing out on the road and before I could think CAT I had run over it... It died. :o( There I was sobbing as a drove through the rest of my lesson. My teacher fixed everything as he is the one responsible having a student, and even he hadn't got the time to hit the break.
I absolutely love animals so I still feel terrible about it.

10) At age 14 I lost a classmate at school. She died of a heart attack. Some months after this, one summer night in my room, I decided to ask her a question. Out in the open air. It was a yes or no answer to it, and I asked her to move a spesific object if she meant yes, and something else if she meant no... After tht night I have always believed in spirits.

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