Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want to make a swap

I am a member of this hobby club which sends me a kit every month. Mostly there are things I like doing or can use in FBs and such, but this month I have received something I have no use for. So I thought that I would ask if anybody is interested in making a swap with me?? Deco supplies for this kit?
The kit is not opened (the seal is still intact) and contains:

- 5 wooden door note hangers (don't know the exact eng. word for it)
- Colors : red, blue and white
- a pearlcolored paint with some kind of effect (looks really cool on the pics)
- about 20 wooden flowers + some leaves, circles, squares and more.
- 2 small wooden clothes-pegs
- glue
- a foam brush

If I had kids this would probably be a cool thing to do. Something to make together that they can but on the door to their rooms. :o)

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Grooveycrafts said...

You could always have some funky shaped fbs. Just cover the hole up with some matching background paper from the back or even a face. Fbs don't have to be the usual rectangle shape